Wednesday 28 December 2011


We are aware of the fact that our fans love contests. So, we keep coming up with new ones every now and then. In the last two weeks, we carried out two contests and received an amazing response. In the first contest, our fans were asked to name the cover models of the second Mills and Boon India book ‘His Monsoon Bride’. We received a lot of responses and three winners were declared. The winners were given exciting prizes.

Our second contest has been pretty recent and is still going on where we asked our fans to take a picture of their very first Mills and Boon cover and upload it on our Facebook page. We all remember the first Mills and Boon that we read since it is close to our heart. So, we wanted our fans to remember their first Mills and Boon novel, take a picture of the cover and upload it on our page. The fan with the oldest Mills and Boon cover gets a very special gratification. More of such exciting contests are lined up. So, look out. 

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