Thursday 29 December 2011


As  year end approaches, we all start making New Year resolutions. This year, Mills and Boon want their fans to make a different type of resolution. We want you to make Passions your New Year resolution. Yes, we want you to make sure that you submit your entries of 2000 words for Passions with the advent of new year.

Since a lot of us want to follow our new year resolutions but end up not doing so, we went ahead and made sure that we make you follow your resolution. We have created a section called ‘Resolution for Passions’ where you can tell us how you will make sure that you submit your entries for Passions lll this coming year. The best resolution message will receive a surprise gift from us. It is very simple. Just make Passions your New Year resolution. Do not wait anymore and start your new year by being creative. Happy New Year Everyone. :)


Every month, Mills and Boon come up with around 20 titles. This coming year, Mills and Boon have come up with 18 new titles. The titles for January 2012 are out and you can check them out on our website.  Just visit the website, select the copy you like and buy it. 

We have a good range of series to pick from like Desire, Special moments, Nocturne, Modern, Romance and Historical. Some of the titles for January 2010 are Terms of Engagement,  One Illicit Night, The Man Who Risked It All, The Talk of Hollywood, Her Vampire Husband, Daring to Date the Boss and The Prince’s Texas Bride.

Different series of Mills and Boon have different flavors and touch of romance in them. Readers can buy their copy online anytime. So, go ahead and grab all the copies you can. 

Wednesday 28 December 2011


We are aware of the fact that our fans love contests. So, we keep coming up with new ones every now and then. In the last two weeks, we carried out two contests and received an amazing response. In the first contest, our fans were asked to name the cover models of the second Mills and Boon India book ‘His Monsoon Bride’. We received a lot of responses and three winners were declared. The winners were given exciting prizes.

Our second contest has been pretty recent and is still going on where we asked our fans to take a picture of their very first Mills and Boon cover and upload it on our Facebook page. We all remember the first Mills and Boon that we read since it is close to our heart. So, we wanted our fans to remember their first Mills and Boon novel, take a picture of the cover and upload it on our page. The fan with the oldest Mills and Boon cover gets a very special gratification. More of such exciting contests are lined up. So, look out. 

Tuesday 27 December 2011


“We’re convinced with the potential of writing talent in India”, says Manish Singh, the Country Manager of Harlequin India. This article published in Hindustan Times talks about Passions lll and what great response have been received to previous Passions contests. More than 700 entries were received last year for Passions ll. The winners of the last two Passions contest Milan Vohra and Aastha Atray got their books published and now it’s time for a new writer to become the face of Passions.

We are providing a great platform to our readers to be a published author. A lot of people in India love romantic books and novels and Mills and Boon has topped the list of publications who write heart-touching romantic novels worldwide. A strong base of Mills and Boon fans have always existed in India and now they are given a chance to write their story and participate in Passions lll.

Anyone who is interested in being an author for us can submit their original story of about 1500 to 2000 words on our website till 31st January. The top five stories will be shortlisted by an international jury  made up of Mills and Boon editors. These five entries will be put up for public votes and the winners will be declared by February, 2012. The winner, as we know it, will get a chance to publish their Mills and Boon novel.  DO NOT miss this opportunity and pen down your story in 2000 words. It can be your own story too. Time is running out. So, be quick. 

Monday 26 December 2011


Now you can watch more videos on our Youtube channel.  We have our cover model Saumya talking about her experience on shooting for the cover and what she thinks about Mills and Boon. “Mills and Boon is the epitome of love”, says Saumya. Saumya won ‘Friends for Life’ contest which was a model hunt this year to pick models for the cover of second Mills and Boon India novel.  

The second video talks about the first ever Desi Mills and Boon novel ‘The Love Asana’ by Milan Vohra. Milan talks about the book and how it feels to be the first Indian Mills and Boon author. She also talks about the plot of the book, about love and about Mills and Boon. Milan tells us how she has woven a story that has the typical essence of Mills and Boon and still has a desi twist.

Mills and Boon has a lot of faith in the potential of Indian writers and are sure that they will find another creative writer after Milan and Aastha. Participate in Passions lll and get a chance to be the part of the exclusive list of Mills and Boon authors.

Thursday 22 December 2011


Christmas is all about Santa and gifts and Mills and Boon is all about love and romance.  So, to spread love this Christmas, Mills and Boon plays Santa by giving away unique and different gifts with every Mills and Boon copy that you buy. Books can be the best gifts because they take you on a journey with them. They take you to a different world. What can be more wonderful than a surprise on Christmas when you order your copy of Mills and Boon?

Giving gifts on Christmas has been the traditional way of showing love to our close ones and no one knows better about romance than Mills and Boon. They want to spread the same magic and love in India that they have been spreading since 1907 with different flavors and colors of love. Who does not like a gift and especially when it is a surprise? It is the surprise element that keeps the thrill alive. So, order all your favorite books from Mills and Boon that you like and get assured and amazing gifts with every one of them. The more you order, the more surprises you can get this festive season. 

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Mills and Boon served in an Indian Way

Mills and Boon did not just aim at launching their books in India but also aimed at Indianizing it. This is why they came up with the Friends for Life, the model hunt contest. The winners have been given an exclusive opportunity to feature on the covers of Mills an Boon Novels. rohit Raghav and Saumya have already featured on the cover of Astha Atray's Debut Novel 'His Monsoon Bride'. The idea behind picking Indian models is to give Mills and Boon an Indian touch. 

Rohit Raghav and Saumya are from Delhi and could not believe when the results of the contest were announced. The idea was to get people who had very next-door kind of faces, says the author of the book. Rohit and Saumya made the perfect couple with their fresh and Next door look.

Mills and Boon intend to make the series very familiar to the Indian readers and break the image that it already has. They want to be as close to the Indian readers as possible and so they decided to go for Indian models to be on the cover of their book. 

Monday 19 December 2011


Mills and Boon has not only ruled the hearts of a lot of readers since 1908 but has also established a name that is respected for its unique style and effect. It has become so famous that the name of the book has become a synonym to the word ‘Romance’. It has not just been a book but also a companion to its readers.

Mills and Boon has made its presence strong in India since the last three years. It has increased its existing fan base with Bollywood actors like Imran Khan and John Abraham promoting it. This book series has already converted two of its readers as published authors. Milan Vohra (Love Asana) and Aastha Atray (His Monsoon Bride) found their dream come true and are first Indian writers for Mills and Boon India. For the third season of ‘Passions’, Mills and Boon India is eagerly looking out for creative writers; people who can relate to romance. If you have a story to share, then pen it down in 2000 words and join the ranks of Indian writers for Mills and Boon after Milind and Aastha. You can be a part of the exclusive list of 1300 Mills and Boon writers worldwide.

All you have to do is come up with the best 2000 words that you can relate to romance and create a short story. It can be your story too. For more details of participation:

Passion brings out the best!!!

According to Denis Diderot,  Great passions can elevate the soul to greater things. 

People with a passion to do something also have the power to persuade the mass.  Marc Antony with his passionate speech moved the crowd to turn against the honourable man Brutus. 

Such is the power of passion. For us, people with a passion for writing, is the most powerful of them all. Not only do they have the power to express themselves with the power of the pen, but they also have the power to touch hundreds of people at the same time. Certain written pieces can be so powerful that they can change the outlook of the people reading it. 

The power of the pen combined with the passion of writing can touch the hearts of a million people, make them believe in love, change the way they see the world.

Do you think you are that person??? Prove it to us... Send us your entries  for Passions III and live your passion!!!

Thursday 15 December 2011

His Monsoon Bride

The Big wait is finally over!!! We have been waiting with baited breath to see the new book from Mills and Boon. Aastha Atray the winner of Passion II,  has finally unveiled her debut novel  "His Monsoon bride". 

The book promises to give us everything Mills and Boon stands for: Love, Romance, Passion, Relationships etc. with a small twist. This book has been written keeping the Indian readers in mind. So my dear readers, be ready for your new Mills and Boon, with a fresh Indian flavour. 

"His Monsoon Bride" is available on stands and will be available on the official Mills and boon website by tonight.   

Happy Reading :) 

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Indian Romance

This festive season get a dose of your favourite Mills and Boon Romance, the Indian way. 
The winner of this year's Passion India writing contest, unveils the new book  in a gala event tomorrow. 

The writer has succesfully taken the essence of Mills and Boons and has given it a very Indian touch. We all are waiting eagerly for tomorrow to see what the new book has to offer us. 
Passions is an annual writing contest aimed at giving Indian writers a platform to showcase their work. The winners get to publish their work under the prestigious Mills and Boon banner.

This year, Passions contest returns for the second time. Aspiring authors can send in their entries from the 15th. 


Tuesday 13 December 2011

Passion Bringing out your Passion!!!

Is writing your passion? Are you a romantic from the heart? Here's your opportunity to bring out your passion and tell the world what is in your heart. Mills and Boon India, brings Passions an exclusive writing contest for all the budding writers out there.

Mills and Boons Passions contest will return this year for the third consecutive year. Winners have the privilege to publish stories under the mills and Boon Banner. So what are you all waiting for?? For more details, visit our facebook page..