Sunday, 22 September 2013

Love with a Dash of Revenge

If love makes the world go round, surely revenge would make it stop in its axis?
Both are powerful emotions—though love is a positive force and revenge its complete antithesis. And like every negative force revenge can provide huge motivation. Especially when you are a victim of injustice. After all, none other than William Shakespeare wrote in The Merchant of Venice, “…if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”
Think about the times you were bullied at school or college and your heart was filled with hatred and a need for revenge? Or when the cute boy you had a huge crush on didn’t give you the time of the day and chose another girl instead?  Yes, that made you want revenge too! ;) But life is full of little injustices that we get over and move on. What if something so terrible was done to you that your life changed forever, would you be able to turn the other cheek? It’s only human to harbour hatred and ill-will against a person who has harmed you.
On the other hand, the real power of love lies not just in its ability to make a person strive for his/her beloved’s affections but to truly change himself/herself for the better. Imagine how much more powerful that can be. And yet it is so difficult to go with the positive force.
One would think that love and revenge wouldn’t mix in a story.  Yet, readers all over the world have rooted for romance stories with revenge as a theme.  The one thing that revenge and love have in common is passion. You can’t imagine either emotion without passion. And that’s what makes for a good page-turning read till you reach the Happy Ever After ending.
So it was only fitting that having won the Passions Aspiring Authors Auditions, I wanted to write a story with tons of passion in it. As a reader who loves to read ‘revenge stories’ my first choice for theme was—you guessed it!—revenge. My Heroine, Maya, is a strong-willed woman who will do anything to bring down the person who has ruined her family. Even if that means marrying Krish, the son of her enemy. But soon she falls in love with Krish….And thus begins her dilemma. Will her love for Krish override her need for revenge? How will she reconcile her love with her desire for justice?
Do you love a romance story with a dash of revenge in it? Or do you hate it? Would love to hear from you!