Monday, 16 January 2012


In this fast world, we are used to shortcuts and simplified things in life. So, we have made some things simpler for you. Now, you have the option of submitting your entries for ‘Passions’ contest directly from our Facebook fan page. You can directly go to our ‘Entries for Passions’ contest  section and submit your short love story of 2000 words directly there. All you need to do is Register, Login and Upload your story in a Word Document file. 

You are all set to become a published Mills and Boon author. Your work is done. But you need to do this ON OR BEFORE 31st January, 2012. 15 days more for your chance to be a published author for one of the most popular series of novels. After you are done submitting, our panel of judges will pick top 5 entries and voting will take place. You can be that one winner who will become the THIRD Indian Mills and Boon author and have your dream come true. So, do not wait any more and submit your entries. Now, it is EASIER. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


On 31st December, 2011, we lost a very creative soul. Penny Jones (Pen name Penny Jordan) was a famous and wonderful writer who wrote a lot of romance novels for Mills and Boon. She sold more than seventy million copies all over the globe. She became a part of Mills and Boon with her novel ‘Falcon’s prey’ in the year 1981.   

Penny wrote over 167 Mills and Boon novels and is one of the most famous and favorite among all Mills and Boon writers. She started reading romance novels at an early age and since then was motivated to create romance with words. Some of her romance works are A Perfect Night, A Reason for Marriage, One Intimate Night, The City-Girl Bride, The Italian Duke’s Wife and Passion and the Prince.

‘The Reluctant Surrender’ is the last book from Penny Jordan that is going to be out this month.  She has given us amazing novels to read and took love and romance novels to a whole new level. Although we will badly miss Penny but she will always be with us through her words. She was a great source of inspiration for everyone.