Monday 29 July 2013

Mills & Boon Lootera Steal A Date confessions

It was a weekend evening that I received a call, confirming my name and then congratulating on winning the Steal a Date contest. I was surprised but calm, guess it was sinking in that I’ve actually won the contest. A moment later I realized my win. I was overjoyed and excited. Waited for the day I would get to meet Sonakshi Sinha.
The day of the event, I got ready to my best and braved the Mumbai traffic to get to the venue. I was excited and nervous. The mild monsoon and sea view from the window of Taj Lands end, made it the perfect setting. I waited as Sonakshi got to the venue.
Finally, the moment arrived, Sonakshi entered the venue with Ranveer. I was perplexed with seeing Sonakshi in person. I greeted her and Ranveer and we took our seat. Recollecting the incident I was tongue tied, for a moment I went blank. The questions I wished to ask were just stuck in my head or had got evaporated. I finally mustered the courage and asked a few questions. What really struck me was her simplicity. She spoke to me as I knew her. The time flew by and she soon had to leave. It was a great experience. A memory which seems to be etched in my mind.

I love surprises.  Lets face it, who doesn't?  As exhilarating as it is to get things I wished for, whats more exciting is the unexpected gifts, like picking up a mills and boon and actually winning a date with the Oh-to-die-for Ranveer Singh. All it took was a phone call to change what seemed like a usual day, "Shonell Thakker,  you have stolen a date with Ranveer Singh" I felt just like one of the the Mills and boon girls, pushed to limelight for a day of glamour and whirlwind of romance. With butterflies in my stomach I entered palacial Taj Lands End to meet my prince. The atmosphere was ideal for romance with a slight drizzle of the rain. Another surprise awaited me. Seated along with Ranveer was Sonakshi Sinha who looked every bit as pretty off screen as on screen. But it was Ranveer that got me tongue tied. Looking every bit royal and regal and so unlike his on screen image of the king of streets, and armed with the disarming smile and lethal charm. The preliminary introductions also were exciting as my name, which is pronounced like the famous brand got compliments from both Ranveer and Sonakshi. What struck me the most was the ease at which I could talk to both of them. Ranveer described his ideal girl and like the true blue blood m n b hero claimed her to be the centre of his world *swoon* There was a lot of friendly leg pulling about that by Sonakshi and I couldn't hold back my laughter.  Braved a couple of other questions about experinenting with their looks and dealing with the limelight they face. Got some pretty insights to their real selves. As I reluctantly said my good byes Ranveer engulfed me In a bear hug which was a perfect end to the perfect date. What more, my perfect evening was captured in a camera for the whole world to see.So reading does have its rewards and this girl nxt door did get her guy <3

The experiences of KK & ST on a date with the Lootera team.

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